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Welcome to Hot Dreamweaver. You can find here Dreamweaver Extensions and other resources related to Adobe Dreamweaver. We offer high quality, tested and approved Dreamweaver Extensions making easier the web development tasks. Our products are easy to install and use with periodical free updates.


Database Relational List
Database Relational List is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that allows you to associate two lists or comboboxes, and obtain options of those lists from a database. Database Relational List requires MySQL as database handler and support for PHP Script on the web server.

DataTable is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that allows to show and edit the data stored in a MySQL database, from a webpage.

Paypal Payment Form
Paypal Payment Form is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that allows to convert any form into a PayPal Payment Form; this way, once the form data have been sent through, they are saved in a database, and the user is redirected to a PayPal payment interface.

Field Validator
Field Validator offers exactly that: verification of entered data. Field Validator prevents invalid information from being sent to your server.

Form to Excel and Mail
Extension for Adobe Dreamweaver, which allows sending every field of a form filled by a user, into an Excel file formatted as CSV while adding other data that help to know more about the user.

Calculated Fields
Dreamweaver extension that allows to insert dynamically calculated fields into your web site forms.

HotDreamweaver PHP Toolbar
HotDreamweaver PHP Toolbar is a collection of HotDreamweaver's eight most popular extensions. This Toolbar is designed for work with forms on servers supporting PHP scripts.

HotDreamweaver ASP Toolbar
HotDreamweaver ASP Toolbar is a collection of 7 popular extensions. This Toolbar is designed for work with forms on Windows servers supporting ASP scripts.

Form to Mail
Allows to email every field of a form filled by the user along with other data that help you to know additional technical information.

Form Validator
Form Validator gives designers and programmers working with Adobe Dreamweaver a very powerful tool for the creation of forms, indispensable to collect user data.

- Harvard University KSG, USA- University of York, United Kingdom- University of California, USA
- James Cook University, Australia- University of Delaware, USA- University at Buffalo, USA
- Seton Hall University, USA- Salisbury University, USA- University of West Florida, USA

Dreamweaver Calendars

Dreamweaver Calendars

An online service to install and manage a calendar based on our server, with minimal requirements from yours and a set of calendars for Dreamweaver that you can download and install on your website independently.

Dreamweaver Booster

Dreamweaver Booster

When you start shopping around for a Dreamweaver extension, you soon realize that you need not one, but several extensions to produce a really neat website. While you can usually download separate extensions one by one, Dreamweaver Booster offers you the possibility to download different packs of extensions.

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