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PIN Delivery System - Sell PINs

Dreamweaver Extension for MX, DW8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, ...

PIN Delivery System (sell PINs) is a web based system designed to sell intangible products such as phone card PINs, serial numbers or license numbers for software items, access codes to applications, access URLs to special areas of websites, and in general, any type of code that you would like to sell online.

This system is integrated with PayPal and features automatic payment verification as well as automatic emailing of the PIN to the buyer.

PIN Delivery System includes a web-based Admin Panel that allows to add different types of PINs, as well as add available codes for sale. After each completed sale, the system records which PIN was assigned to which client.


It is provided as Dreamweaver extension in order to facilitate the installation. The following system requirements apply:

  1. Dreamweaver MX or any later version (Dreamweaver MX, MX 2004, DW 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC,...).
  2. You will require a PayPal account to accept payments from customers.
  3. Your web server must support PHP scripts.
  4. Your web server must support MySQL databases.
Samples & Demo

To see a quick video demo of the System please click the following link:

-> Video Tutorial <-

Help & FAQ

Please check this video about the use of the product.

You can find more details about the system and configuration in the "Notes" section below.

You can find more about in our PIN Delivery System - Sell PINs - FAQ.


#1 - Into the downloaded file you will find a .MXP file. To install it, you simply need to double click that file, or use the Adobe Extension Manager tool.

#2 - In your MySQL, create a database with any desired name. If you already have a database, you may use it.

#3 - Go to the Dreamweaver Menu >> Commands >> Insert Pin System. The following panel will appear

paypal pin system

The information requested in that panel is:

  • Host: The name of the server where your MySQL database is hosted (localhost in most cases).
  • Database: The name of your MySQL database.
  • Username: The user name to access the database.
  • Password: The password to access your MySQL database.
  • Admin password: The password to access the Admin Panel.
  • Email: The email address of the PayPal account where you wish to receive payments.

#4 - Log into Admin Panel using the password that you specified in the previous step, and enter at least one PIN category and codes for sale corresponding to that category. The Admin Panel is loaded by calling from your browser the address where the System had been copied to, for example: http://www.your-web-site/psadmin in case you copied the System at the root of your website.

Use "Get Purchase Buttons" option to copy and paste onto your webpage the code of any desired buy button. From this moment on you are ready to sell.


The system manages the following data:

  • PIN Types: PIN category, which defines the following values:
    • Name: Name of the category
    • Cost: Cost of the PIN codes of the given category
    • Currency: currency in which this category's PINs will be sold. Your PayPal account must be set up to accept payments in this currency automatically.
    • Language: language that will be used in the PayPal payment process.
    • Return page: full address (including http://) of the page where customers will be redirected after each completed sale. Normally it is a Thank You page that you will need to create yourself.
  • PIN Codes: the PINs available for sale, which have the following fields:
    • PIN Type: PIN Code category.
    • PIN Code: the actual PIN code that is offered for sale.
    • Purchased By: Purchaser's email (filled automatically after each sale).
    • Purchase Date: Date of the PIN sale (filled automatically after each sale).

There are also additional types of secondary controls such as internal comments and PIN registration dates.

Buy buttons are generated automatically from the Admin Panel, all you need to do is copy the code for each button and paste it into the desired location on your webpage.

Editing of the email message to be sent to customer

The email message that delivers the PIN code can be edited to your liking using any text editor. The text of the message is located in the text file "email_text.txt".

Assisted installation

If you don't have experience with creating MySQL databases, or for any other reason prefer that we install the System for you, please contact us. We will install it for US$ 35 + the cost of the System.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team will assist you with any issue or question that you may have regarding the installation and use. Some PayPal configurations may affect the system of automatic notifications, therefore, if you experience any problems do not hesitate to contact us.

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