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HotDreamweaver PHP Toolbar

Dreamweaver Extension for MX, DW8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, ...

Dreamweaver ToolbarHotDreamweaver PHP Toolbar is a collection of HotDreamweaver's eight most popular extensions. This Toolbar is designed for work with forms on servers supporting PHP scripts.

Purchasing the Toolbar allows you to save 37% compared to buying each extensions separately.

Extensions that are included are:

  • Form 2 Mail
    Allows to automatically identify the information entered in a form and send it by email
  • Form Validator
    Allows to validate form fields to make sure that users enter valid values in the form
  • Form Captcha
    Generates a security image that makes sure that only a human, and not a automatic program, can submit the form
  • Form 2 Excel and Mail
    Similar to Form2Mail, but in addition, it saves the submitted data in a file that can be opened and edited later in Excel (.CSV)
  • Calculated Fields
    Allows to create fields whose value is calculated automatically from the values entered in other fields
  • Relational List
    Creates interrelated "select" lists: values entered in one list define the possible options in the other.
  • Upload In Background
    Allows to start uploading files to the server while the user is still completing the form
  • Check All
    Allows to insert a check box that controls a group of other checkboxes in order to check or uncheck them in one click

PHP is required for the following extensions: Form2Mail, FormCaptcha, Form2Excel, Upload in Background. The remaining extensions (FormValidator, Calculated Fields, Relational List and Check All) are JavaScript-based and therefore function without server side scripts.

    • Dreamweaver MX or later versions (including MX 2004, DW 8, DW CS3, DW CS4, DW CS5, DW CS6, Dreamweaver CC...)
  • FOR Form2Mail, FormCaptcha, Form2Excel and Upload in Background
    • The server where the site is hosted must support PHP scripts 4.0 or later.
  • FOR Form2Excel
    • Writing permissions set in the folder "HDWForm2Excel/saved_forms".
  • FOR Form Captcha
    • GD Library for PHP, version 2.0 or greater.
    • The page that processes the form must have .PHP extension.
  • FOR Upload in Background
    • The page that processes the form must have .PHP extension.
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You can find help, read FAQ, see video tutorials and details of each extension on the pages dedicated to each extension separately.


Dreamweaver MenuTo install the Toolbar in your Dreamweaver, doubleclick the .MXP file. This will install all the extensions automatically.

To apply the extensions to your webpages, access them via the Dreamweaver menu option Insert >> HotDreamweaver Toolbar or also from the Toolbar of the same name.

Note that this menu location is different from that of the extensions purchased separately.


If you have already purchased one of these extensions, you may enter here the email address used for the payment and you will be able to access the payment page with an additional discount, according to the extension(s) purchased previously:

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After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.

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