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Speaker is a Dreamweaver extension that allows to insert images into a webpage with an associated audio file in mp3 format. The audio file, as the image file, are both selected by the user. The audio file is activated by passing the mouse over the image with the webpage is shown in the browser. Some features are:

  • Helps to create accesible sites. People with vision problems would prefer audio descriptions for some items on your page.
  • Helps people that have problems understanding the language.
  • Easy way to publish speeches without wasting space on your page.
  • The audio player is an invisible 1x1 Flash movie. There are not other external plugins required.
  • Works with most browsers, both Windows and Mac.
  • No programming skills required.
  • Available as Dreamweaver extension, easy to install, easy to use.
  • Fast download, starts to play the audio file before the download completes.
  • You can select any image to associate the audio file.
Samples & Demo
This is a sample. You can associate an audio file to the image. 

Note: You can change the image icon.

Please, roll the mouse over the image. 
You can play a song too:  
NOTE: This sample song contains only the first 25 seconds, but you can use complete songs, there is no limit.
Help & FAQ

Please, check this Speaker Tutorial (Animated Flash/Video)

You can find more about in our Speaker - FAQ.

1- Double click "HDWSpeaker.mxp".

2- Restart Dreamweaver

3- The component can be accessed through the menu option "Insert" > "Hot Dreamweaver" > "Insert Speaker" or "Insertbar" > "Common" > "Insert Speaker".
To insert Speaker in a webpage you need to define the website you are working on, and save the page where Speaker will be inserted. After clicking the "Insert Speaker" menu option a configuration window like this one will appear:

Speaker insertion

Configuration options are:

"Select MP3 file extension": Required field. Allows the audio file selection linked to the image.

"Select ICO representation": Select ICO representation. This is a required field that allows us to select the image to be inserted into the webpage and which will be associated to the audio file selected in the previous field. Either of the two pre-selected images can be chosen, or a new image can be uploaded by selecting "other ico". The fields necessary to select that image will appear automatically if you select "other ico".

When a Speaker is inserted in a webpage, a structure of directories is automatically generated, which is necessary for the correct functioning of this extension. The directories created, as well as their content, must be published along with the webpage where Speaker was inserted, onto the server that hosts your website.

Instant Download
Preferred payment & download method:
Paypal or Credit Cards:
USD $19.99
After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.

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